The Child Within May Be Your Key To Success

September 26, 2018


Glynn Hodges

Can you remember a time during your childhood when you got so excited about an event like your birthday, Christmas, summer or a winter vacation or a fishing and/or camping trip that you couldn’t sleep the night before because of excitement?

Were you ever so excited that you could taste the birthday cake or could visualize ripping the paper off a very special present that you were hoping to receive? What about just running carefree in a field during a summer morning imagining one dream after another? I sure can. I did it often as a child.

A child dreaming without limitations.

Successful People Have Common Traits

I love meeting wise and successful people because I actually crave learning about their personals principles of success.

One common trait that I have discovered most continuously successful people possess is the ability to daydream and visualize in great detail the achievement of goals and how the results would affect them, their family and others in a positive way. They dream without limitations like a child.

  The most successful people have the ability to dream realistic dreams like a child.  Walt Disney is a great example of a successful person with the ability to see details of his dreams with the excitement of a child.







The following often told story about Walt Disney during the early planning days of Disney World exemplifies his ability to visualize in great detail.


One day as the design team met in their California “war room” Walt grew more and more irritated because everyone was thinking “way too small” and felt they were limiting what they could create. Finally, he had enough and erupted in the room.


“The trouble is that you aren’t thinking far enough ahead! We are just beginning! You have to think beyond Disney World! We haven’t even begun to think big enough.”



That is the kind of vision Walt Disney had. History reminds us that even though he envisioned Disney World in Florida, he never lived long enough to see it opened. On the Opening Day in 1971, someone commented to Mike Vance, creative director of Walt Disney Studios “Isn’t it too bad Walt Disney didn’t live to see this?” (Walt passed away 5 years before WDW opened to the public)


Vance replied simply, “He did see it…that’s why it’s here.”



If you haven’t reached the level of success you desire in your life and business maybe you should revert to thinking and dreaming like you may have done as a child when there were no limitations.


Live2Lead Chattanooga may be exactly what you need to help you make a shift.


Do you remember a time when you dreamed of adventure- the pursuit of wild dreams and the possibility of victory?



This little guy dreamed of adventure and the pursuit of victory.



As a child, did you ever think of the impact you could have on the journey ahead? Probably you didn’t.  







 This little girl is going places


The best pathway to success requires:


• Hard Work 

• Sacrifice 

• People to follow even the craziest of dreams


If you can make the right shifts you can become a transformational leader.


The possibilities of victory lie not within your dreams. It lies with the people you get to influence on the journey.


Do you know the shifts you need to make?



Learn From World Class Leaders




Join me at Live2Lead Chattanooga and we will learn together in

An electrifying environment from world-class transformational leaders: Carly Fiorina, Daniel Pink, Debra Searle, John C. Maxwell and Tyler Perry.




Get your ticket for Live2Lead Chattanooga now before the price goes up.  You will get to meet other likeminded leaders from the Greater Chattanooga Area at the SpringHill Suites On The River.  You may meet a person that will open the door to a company that you have been trying to get an introduction to. 


 A delicious breakfast buffet, prepared by Scottie’s on the River and a mid-morning snack are included in the ticket price.


Are you ready to make a shift? If you aren’t presently where you want to be in life and business, you need to be at Live2Lead Chattanooga. Continuing to think and do things the same way produces the same results that is excellent, good, mediocre, or bad. If your results are less than excellent, YOU need to consider making a shift.


What Does Einstein Say About Doing Things The Same Way?






“Insanity is continuing to do the same thing expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein


The Little Child Within May Be The Key To Your Success


I urge you to reflect on times when you may have felt unstoppable and had dreams others might have laughed at. I urge you to tap into that child within that may have at one time felt there was no limitations on what you could accomplish and learn how to make a shift from world-class leaders.


Hope to Sea Ya at Live2Lead Chattanooga on Friday, October 12, 2018. Registration begins at 7:45 am. Buy table of eight or single tickets now before the price increase.



~Glynn, The Results Coach


Glynn Hodges on the stage


Glynn Hodges

Glynn is certified by the John Maxwell Team in Speaking, Coaching, and Teaching. He believes all individuals, with the ability to communicate, can live a fulfilling and successful life if they have a strong desire to make God smile, help others, set time sensitive goals they can visualize achieving and take massive action. Glynn enjoys inspiring others to achieve success, while making them greater, regardless of their current education, skill level or socioeconomic status. His passion and mission statement say it all - "Helping You to be the best you!"

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