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April 4, 2016


Glynn Hodges

Living in the moment is a way of life for me now. It is just one aspect of successful living that I describe as AE Success Life.  Once I was so caught up in climbing the corporate ladder and later building and growing my own business that I put living in the moment on hold. I was waiting until I reached the summit of each to enjoy living. I missed so much that life had to offer.

This morning I was reminded of this when I watched the below video by a friend of mine, Greg Corradino.  He met a homeless lady while walking to his apartment in downtown Chattanooga Saturday night. She provides a thought provoking message.

Way Of Life For Me - Always Being Present
Homeless Lady Living In The Moment

Missing The Joys And Excitement Of Life

Many people miss so many of the joys and excitement of life simply because of failing to live in the moment and enjoying their surroundings with the mindset of “What can I learn.”  How many times have you heard people say ” I will really be happy when I reach a specific goal like buying a house or new car or travel around the world”?  These people often bury themselves in doing whatever is required to accomplish their goals. They totally forget the joy and excitement of living in the moment. I did.

The Greatest Joy Is Found In Helping Others

I truly enjoy living in the moment. Every day I am excited about what I will learn, who I will meet and what they can teach me. The greatest joy of all comes when I have the opportunity to help someone in their life journey. There is something to be learned from every event in life and from every person you come in contact, if…

you just make a conscious effort to look for it. Think of the golden nuggets that so many people just walks buy or ignore. Like the old saying goes, ” Never judge a book by its cover”. There is something to be learned from every person you come in contact with. 

Glynn Hodges during the seminar
‍Glynn Hodges explaining AE Success Life

I referenced the following quote of Greg S. Reid‘s when he was myguest on Motivation Here Special Edition last year: “When you do what you love, and love what you do – you’ll have success, your whole life through”. Some people seem to just put life on hold waiting to live until they reach a goal, only to discover that they soon need something else to make them happy. Once again. they put life on hold, failing to live in the present, as they pursue the next goal. This results in a never ending cycle. I found my passion. It is expressed in the Mission Statement of my company, Helping You To Be The Best You. Maybe I should add to that …while always living in the moment.

"Some Abandon Their Goals To Live In The Moment"

There are many people like the subject of the above video.These people seem to take the extreme opposite approach. They just enjoy living in the moment while forfeiting the awesome opportunities that life has to offer if they would just pursue their goals and passions. Could it be hurt and disappointment in the lives of these people that causes them to give up on their dreams and try to escape reality?  

I also enjoy interviewing street people, freight hoppers, and highly successful people, like Brig Sorber. Brig is the C.E.O. of Two Men And A Truck and is one of the original “Two Men”. Most street people and freight hoppers, I believe, are running from a past failure or hurtful experience.

One side of me relates to the street people and freight hoppers. I love dreaming big dreams and accomplishing great big goals. But…There has always been an inner urge for me to just hop on a freight car and live in the present totally, for at least a short period of time. I think it is the thrill of an unknown lifestyle coupled with the danger that lures me. Also, there is the urge to fly to a tropical island and just be a beach bum. I could never do it for a long period of time unless I found a way to help others while I had checked out of mainstream society.

I must be truthful. I could never leave my lovely family and many friends for long. Maybe I will just do a wild ass check out for a weekend! LOL :-)

Make a conscious effort to live in the moment and see if it makes a difference in your life.

Glynn Hodges on the stage


Glynn Hodges

Glynn is certified by the John Maxwell Team in Speaking, Coaching, and Teaching. He believes all individuals, with the ability to communicate, can live a fulfilling and successful life if they have a strong desire to make God smile, help others, set time sensitive goals they can visualize achieving and take massive action. Glynn enjoys inspiring others to achieve success, while making them greater, regardless of their current education, skill level or socioeconomic status. His passion and mission statement say it all - "Helping You to be the best you!"

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